SkyTech Gaming Pc

Weather your new to pc gaming or an advit pc gamer…pc gamers

  • The SkyTech is a great starter for the newbie pc gamer.
  • Featuring a Navida 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5 Graphics Card, which is a fantastic addition to any starter computer.
  • With SkyTech they use the most reliable and durable parts in all of their gaming computers and high performance gaming memory.
  • Lifetime Free Technical Support
  • SkyTech PC power supplies have a 5 year warranty


Just Look How Awesome This Gaming Computer Really Is!!!

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Equipped Is With A AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5 GHz / 4.1 GHz Turbo cheap gaming pcProcessor

Allowing your gaming pc to perform at its best. Playing virtually any game you can think of, from The Sims to the new Destiny 2 game.





Gamer Reviews

Absolutely amazing pc! I ordered and it arrived in 3 days. Works right out of the box and looks amazing. Loading speeds are extremely fast and I can play csgo, gta v, wow legion, and almost any game at max settings with 60 fps. Only downside I have is the extremely slow time it takes to download a game but that might just be my internet -Amazon Customer 

Awesome entry level gamer PC. It performs, it’s quiet, looks cool and the price is right! Very  happy with my purchase!  -David A. Bush

Just amazing for the price for the performance and for the overall value I can have all my games on high settings and play it at Great FPS definitely worth the buy -Gina Rohrer

An excellent computer for a beginning PC gamer. The value is really unmatched for a pre built. The graphics card is great, processing power is pretty good; it’s able to run most newer games with no problems.

I haven’t run into any issues in the four months i’ve had it so far, and Skytech was even good enough to give me some suggestions as to possible upgrades in the future.
Highly recommend!! -Elliott